About Us

About Us

The Security Traders Association of Florida strives to provide the following:

  • Help its members thrive in their careers by providing networking opportunities through meetings with other professionals with common goals and interests
  • Represent members’ interests by maintaining regular communication with STA at the national level who works with the government at all levels, regulatory organizations, stock exchanges and other participants in the securities markets.
  • Enhance free and open markets for the mutual benefit of members and investors
  • Keep members informed about pending rules, regulations and legislation and improve the standards and operations of the world’s securities markets
  • Provide members with educational opportunities such as seminars and conferences with the potential for Continuing Education Credit as well as training sessions through the STA Foundation

STA is the leading trade organization for individual professionals in the securities industry that works to improve the ethics, business standards and working environment for its members. STA is comprised of 26 Affiliate organizations, nationally and internationally, with a total of 4,200 professional trade industry members who are engaged in the buying, selling and trading of securities.

The Security Traders Association is committed to promoting the interests of its members throughout the global financial markets, providing representation of these interests in the legislative, regulatory and technological processes, while fostering goodwill and high standards of integrity in accord with the Association’s founding principle, Dictum Meum Pactum – “My word is my bond.

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